Need an idea for texturing a science fiction (Sci-Fi) wall panel?  Then, do check out this game texturing tutorial which I had created earlier.


Through this “one-step-at-a-time” YouTube tutorial, you will learn the essential workflow for how to effectively create a digital texture with mere layer-style functions of drop shadow & outer glow with Adobe Photoshop.  Although this demonstration was done with Adobe Photoshop CS5, the demonstrated working concepts can be applied with any other versions of Photoshop and even GIMP.  As a start, the practice would first begin with the creation of a “black & white” bump map, and then follow by its transformation into a color map. In order to follow this tutorial to its exactness, a photographic texture will be needed and you can download it here. In the later part of the tutorial, I also will demonstrate how to utilize both of the color map and bump map within Maya environment.

This tutorial was meant to be part of an introductory lesson to indie game developers and game programmers about bump-mapping before advancing into normal-mapping technique.  I never thought of 17,790 people had viewed this tutorial by the time I wrote this.  With 230 likes and 4 dislike, I guess this tutorial did prove to be useful to many of you out there. This had motivated me to create more YouTube tutorials and lecture podcast.

Again, thank you for everyone’s immense support!