In this post, I would like to share with you the quickest workflow for getting your game character into Unity. The walk-through aims to help you for being a character design developer to prototype your 3D character with a controllable-locomotion, and showcase it to the stakeholder.

Although the proposed workflow was being demonstrated with Autodesk Maya, still the concept is applicable to any other DCC tools out there, be it Blender or 3dsMax. There are two (2) parts to this demonstration, and to follow this walk-through you would need to download these Tutorial Assets – Mecanim 4.2.1. The assets are largely raw FBX Mocap Data which I had gathered via the Unity Asset Store

Part 01 will discuss the general workflow for prepping your game character into an FBX format. It also covers how to map your existing skeletal joints with the Mecanim animation system while creating a default state of idle.


Part 02 is solely about setting up the controllable state of walks and runs. In addition, it also discloses the steps for resolving the typical Unity bugs, like missing blend parameters in a sub Meccanim’s blend tree and initialization issue with the animator. In additions, this segment also covers the “cheap way” for setting up a 3rd person camera that will track along with your 3D game character.  And, should you ever encountered any issues  for setting up the collider properly, you might want checkout this post: collider-pivot-point-issues-in-mecanim-unity3d