Have you ever try out this tutorial for setting up a controllable locomotion in Unity3D with much success? If yes, I am glad to hear that. If not, just read on!

This article is basically a follow up from my last written tutorial about Mecanim animation system.  From what I had observed, most new users tend to experience some issues for getting a collider to work with their own 3D game model.  For instance, I had seen several occasions where the pivot point of an imported game mesh failed to coincide with a collider during runtime, and resulted half of the game mesh being sank into the floor plane (See Below) !

This had caused the animation-controller to be malfunctioning.

Unity3d Mecanim Collider Pivot Problem

To address this issue, I had purposely created this YouTube podcast for your reference.  Hopefully, it will be useful and acted as a remedy to your problem.


As what I have deliberated in the above podcast: do remember to set the pivot point of your game mesh before exporting it to any game engines.  To avoid this pivot-collider issue for a 3D game character, I would advocate this safe practice: always set your game character to stand on the ground zero or origin (0, 0, 0), and then has its pivot point to follow that as well.

Collider Pivot Point issue problem in Unity 3d Mecanim

Lastly, do ensure you have assigned the correct avatar to the Animator component if things are still not working properly.