Lin Chou Cheng Personal Potrait 2014

Thank you for visiting to this personal blogosphere of mine where I dedicated it to teach and share about video game art.  This site is mainly a recollection of my knowledge and some technical know-how when crafting a 3D model that set for real-time rendering purposes.

Although most of the written contents here were largely anchored to my yesteryears experience in AAA game development & 3D animation production pipeline, you would also find that some of the topics that I have discussed here were part of my day-to-day interactions with my game development students, whom I was coaching.  Thanks to them, they have inspired me to be a better teacher than I was before. It was their learning barriers that sparked me to streamline a lot of complex workflow into something that is fun and practical to grasp.

Also, I would like to express my gratitude to all my Youtube channel subscribers too!  Without your immense support in sharing what I have been teaching, this workbook would certainly not come alive.

With that in perspective, Game Art Workbook has only one social objective: be the place Where Video Game Art Made Easy!

Thank you!

~Lin Chou, Cheng

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